ROUGH.TECH is a technology startup that was founded in 2020 by Simon Cirstoiu, with the mindset to create a cluster/group of experienced people with various skill sets in order to enrich the tech market with the ultimate revolution machine, its main focus being the development of outstanding applications that will break barriers through innovation.
We wanted to stand out from the crowd with our first project by enabling smart home users to fully control when, where, and how their devices perform.
ReLinq was born, thus empowering each smart device by providing them a platform to communicate with each other.

The app will learn your behavior and allow you to control each element by your desire, creating the perfect environment for you and your family.


Simon Cirstoiu

Founder and CEO

Self described as a bright, talented and ambitious engineer with a strong technical background who possesses self-discipline, a good team spirit, deadline orientated and having the ability to organize and present complex solutions clearly and accurately.
Guided by strong life principles, a good manager and connected all the time with different branches of IT.

Robert Badea

Backend Manager

Robert started taking interest into programming at a young age, and from that point, he discovered his Ikigai. At 28 years old, he's a conference speaker, a trainer, an article publisher, and book author. As an expert in his field, and with experience in multiple programming languages, he is helping the next generation grow and become better programmers.

His advice for everyone is to never stop learning, and to find that something, that gives their life's meaning.

Andrei Neagu

Backend Developer

Andrei is an experienced Senior Software Developer, deeply passionate about programming and improving his skills by challenging his limits daily.
He has experience in large, very complex applications; he is experienced in working as part of international teams and he is always focused on performance and improving software quality and maintainability.

Claudiu Cremeneanu

Backend Developer

He is a Software Developer at Content Conversion Specialists (CCS), where their customers include the worlds most prestigious and advanced libraries, publishers, companies, content providers, ministries and media monitoring agencies.
Having multiple skill sets like C++ (until C++11, Windows programming, MFC for graphics interfaces, WinAPI), C# (WinForms), scripting in TCL/Tk, Python, microservices, RabbitMQ, (message broker), Google Protocol Buffers he is an important part in our teamwork.

Claudiu Zalinca

Backend Developer

Although still a computer science student, Claudiu stands out from his generation with the will to innovate and become a pylon in this field. Growing up with an impressive passion for mathematics and science, characterized by perseverance he entered multiple Olympiads and contests developing a analytical, critical and creative thinking.

By discovering the IT field he managed to put to good use his skills and began to build up his career.Joining the ROUGH team was a big win for all of us and he offers all the qualities he owns for the use of our project.

Bogdan Comanici

Fullstack Developer

It all started at 16 years when he was playing with friends on GTA San Andreas, he made a server in Pawno, then he started to learn and make a website in PHP for that server and that's where his life began. At 20 years he was hired as a Full Stack Developer in Cluj-Napoca for skills in PHP / HTML / MYSQL / CSS that he owned.

He is an experienced PHP Programmer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, UiKit, Java, Twig, and PHP, Smart.Framework PHP, Angular CLI. Strong engineering professional with an Engineer's degree focused on Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering Technology/Technician from Politehnical University from Cluj-Napoca

Ovidiu Giurgiu

Fullstack/Mobile Developer

His interest in computing began at the age of 14 when he wrote his first program using C++. Since that day he continued to expand his knowledge and ability right the way through university to his career in tech-savvy companies.

His experience consists of mobile development using Xamarin and web development using Angular but his greatest achievement now has been in delivering APIs using .NET for enterprise-grade applications. He uses a waterfall methodology but his true skills lie in Agile where he is a member of a cross-functional team.
He enjoys researching and looking into innovative ideas in improving the usability and security of software products allowing him to stay at the forefront of technology and its developments.

Corina Cristoltan

HR Manager

Being a Certified Human Resources Specialist from 2011,she has working experience in the recruitment process for the IT Industry since 2012, experience in planning and management of the recruitment and hiring projects since 2014 and IT resourcing and people management experience since 2015.
With a proactive self-starter attitude, enthusiasm, self-confidence and autonomy she has a strong commitment to fulfilling the missions. Also, she is curious, ambitious, self-motivated, adaptable with a responsible attitude and diplomacy. Having determination and perseverance skills in solving tasks and strong commitment in fulfilling the missions she is the person that interconnects members of the team.

Stefan Nicu

Marketing Manager

Enthusiastic about everything related to Marketing and Technology, Stefan started activating in the influencer marketing field when he was just 18-years-old, developing an impressive skill set and working with names like Mikey Hash, Bromania and Micutzu throughout the years.

At 22 years, he became CEO at Addway Company, an advertising agency that has clients such as Micro Greens, the CEO being on the Forbes 30 under 30 lists.
His goal is to improve himself and to become a relevant name in his area of interest

Mihai Lungu


Being the youngest teammate, he is splitting his time between classes at the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiești and being an important part of the marketing department.

He is a hard-working guy, tries to give his best at everything he does. He also has time for his hobbies: aeromodelling, programming, developing games on different platforms, creating sites.

Jumanazar Gurbanov

Data Manager

Jumanazar is a data passionate person with analytical thinking. He admires high-quality work and concerns about automating and optimizing business processes.
His main interest areas are Business Intelligence and Data Science - Machine Learning, AI, Data Processing, BI, Data Analitics and Natural Language Processing, including information and knowledge extraction from the structured or unstructured data and applying it to bring business value, developing intelligent visualizations that tell unseen stories from data. He developed interesting solutions for Sentiment Analysis, Sales Forecasting, Web Traffic Analysis, etc.

Mirela Grigoras

Data Engineer

Attentive to detail, persevering and involved in what she does, Mirela is an important part of the Data Department, implied also in the other departments with a great capability to resolve issues and bring up good solutions.

Having knowledge of economical domain, such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, statistics and also knowledge of programming languages, such as Python, SQL, R she owns a master degree at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, the most prestigious institution of higher economic and public administration education in Romania.

Mihaela Florea


Graduating from Faculty of Electronics,Communications and Computers she started to evolve on the two main ways of human life(professional and personal).

Being a constant learner, working in IT and aspiring to her better version, she joined the ROUGH TEAM with a real desire to be part of a succesful project.

Ella Monea

Graphic Designer

In the last 15 years she had created designs for clients all over the world. Her work has been used for websites or mobile applications, but also on printed materials. She had been working with Adobe products, starting with Photoshop, for various photo manipulations, banners, templates; Illustrator for vectorial graphics, logos, large printed banners; InDesign for printed compositions and large leaflets, journals, brochures, etc.

While she enjoys doing design and graphics, sometimes she likes to do different things, like formatting an ebook, making a flash banner or greeting cards, creating PowerPoint or short movie presentations.

Daniel Voica

Legal Department Manager

Daniel likes to accumulate knowledge and so he started learning programming in high school just to end up on the opposite side of this domain, Law School, a domain he studied out of passion. After graduating with a Master's degree in Law he dedicated the first years to helping others while working as a legal advisor for an NGO.

At 32 years he started his own company, shifting his focus on learning how to run and grow it. His goal is to become change himself through knowledge and to evolve in an out-of-the-ordinary individual. He desires to reach as close as possible to real freedom and independence.